I saw this meme going around and it struck me as particularly preposterous.  The supposition is that if Hillary is elected (instead of the totally unqualified guy) she’ll load the court with folks who will take away your rights.

First off, the court does not legislate or write the constitution, they merely interpret it.  Neither can the president change the constitution.  The founders wisely limited the government’s ability to change the constitution.  There’s more to it than I care to go into here, but here’s your homework on how it actually works.

Now I suppose you could say the SCOTUS can have some influence by choosing how to interpret the constitution and that is true. But in the broad strokes of this meme they’re not going to “turn America into a police state.”  That’s the kind of irresponsible hyperbole, unsubstantiated by messy actual facts, that contributes to today’s exceptional echo chamber divide.

Obama was going to take away our guns.  He seems to be underperforming in that category.  There were going to be death panels.  Haven’t seen them.  Anybody remember the Obama phone?  Didn’t think so.  And what you think you know is probably wrong.  Do a tiny bit of research before contributing to the echo chamber.

Here’s the Facebook page spewing vitriol and rage.