The Republican party likes to cite their early position on slavery and point out how the Democrats early on were very racist.  That is true.  But that is most definitely no longer the case.

The simplified version is that the parties have traded places rather completely.   If you want to delve more deeply, it’s of course more complicated.

But this is just fact.  You don’t get to claim that the GOP helped the blacks when, in our lifetimes, they’ve done nothing but tried to reduce opportunities.


When exactly did this swap occur?  It happened gradually. Originally the Southern Democrats were the notoriously business-center conservatives while those crazy anti-slavery Republicans were the libtards, but slowly the Republicans picked up the mantle and now it’s opposite-land.

Side note: the memes frequently admonish you to “learn your history” which is amusing because what they really mean is “learn only the part of history that fits the narrative.”