Fake Fake = Real

So we’re all pretty convinced now that “fake news” was/is a real thing.  It’s silliness dressed up to look like real news, and folks who are looking to confirm a belief system are provably likely to bite.

But now the concept of “fake news” is being used to muddy the waters.  Real news is being called fake news in an attempt to discredit it.  Folks who don’t like the reality-based news reporting can simply decry it as “fake” and move on to disseminating their own warped world view.

I’ve worked in a newsroom.  I know what goes on.  They have a morning meeting to discuss what’s going on in the world.  There’s no big Machiavellian plot to “spin” the message each day.  Well, at Fox News I’m pretty sure is such a thing, and that makes them likely to imagine that goes on everywhere.  But really those meetings are typically petty boring and mundane.

No, what you read in the “mainstream media” will tend to be fairly accurate.  You may not always agree with the emphasis.  For instance, you care about trees and you can’t believe they didn’t cover the outbreak of Dutch elm disease in Northern Kentucky.  But trust me, that’s not because MSM (“main stream media”) is implementing some dark scheme to cover up the outbreak.  They just don’t have that many readers who love trees as much as you do.

Proof in the pudding

Let’s do an example to help make things clear.  Take the unemployment statistics put out by the government.  Fake news.  No wait, they looked good for 45 so now they’re real news.  Bad example.

Let’s do the stock market.  We all know that NASDAQ has been lying with those numbers.  Oh drat, no, that’s real news now too.

Ok, the photos of the inauguration.  Clearly manipulated.  Believe the photos that 45 provided from the women’s march.  Those are the real images of the crowd at the inauguration.  Don’t worry if you’re a little confused.  Nothing is as it seems anymore.


Oh hecky-durns, just give up

Well, probably the safest thing to do is always believe what you read on Facebook.  Because the MSM hasn’t had a chance to tamper with that stuff.