Does anyone notice any similarities between the creation story and Trump?  We hear about Adam and Eve and think “no one could be that gullible to believe a talking snake.”  But the sweet things he promised them made them forget their skepticism..

In Trump we have a man who is singing a similar song, promising things and suggesting he can bring some astonishing things to pass, and in general appealing to people’s self interest.

Is Trump himself a Christian?

The following clip shows Trump unable to say any words that suggest he humbles himself before God or asks for forgiveness.  Instead, he goes on a ramble about his works.

Now I’m not an authority on Christianity, but I know humbling yourself and asking forgiveness are near the top of the list.  And bragging about your worldly achievements is considered sort of not so good.

So why Trump?

Some Christians say they like Trump because he puts their interests first.  He’ll get tough on ISIS.  Let’s consider the little detail that ISIS would not exist if a Christian president had not attacked two Muslim countries.  We didn’t have a problem with Christians being killed on a regular basis until we attacked Afghanistan and Iraq.  Only after we “got tough” and attacked those countries that had nothing to do with 9/11.

Quick recap of the timeline: no toughness: no problem.  Toughness: problem.  More toughness?  It will probably only make it worse.  I think there’s something in the Bible about turning the other cheek but alas we never think that applies to the current situation.

On another front, listen to Trump talk to Christians.  He hurriedly says he’s a Presbyterian and he loves God but he says it very quickly as if the words burn his lips.  You get the feeling he’s saying “god” with a small ‘g’.  He then talks about “you” and not “we” in discussing Christian issues.

As such it seems reasonable a Christian might want to proceed with caution before believing everything the man says.  He might be like the talking snake.  You want to believe him because he says some things you like, but at least consider the possibility that he says those things because he has ulterior motives.

Which side is he on anyhow?

Putting it in context, look at the overall picture and who the words are coming from:  he’s of reprehensible morality, says he’s the humblest person there is (which would be funny if it weren’t so sad), been married multiple times, cheated on all of them, stiffed his creditors, disparaged racial groups and women, been involved in gambling and organized crime, used funds from his “charity” to buy a portrait of himself, picked on a Gold Star family, criticized a war hero who served and was shot down, fat-shamed a beauty contestant, raved about Muslims and “kill them all with bullets dipped in pigs’ blood,” won’t share his taxes, says he’s smart because he didn’t pay taxes, insinuated his political rival could be shot, talked dictator-style about jailing his political rival, didn’t disavow the well-known white supremacist David Duke, was involved in Trump University, an apparent outright scam, and the list goes on.  Walking with Christ or with someone else?  Honestly, with that list and no regrets, nothing he thinks he needs to ask forgiveness for, which seems more likely?

Add in the fact that his chief of strategy, Steve Bannon, is a white-supremacist who has said he admires the power of Satan.

All things considered it would seem prudent to exercise caution.  Just because he says a few things you like, you might be warranted in being a little wary of someone who appears, in many ways, to be the modern equivalent of a snake.