Our president never met a conspiracy theory he didn’t like. Here are a few favorites:*

  1. Obama was not born in the US
  2. The State Health Director who examined Obama’s birth certificate was killed in a mysterious plane crash.
  3. The election is going to be rigged.
  4. 3 Million voters voted illegally.
  5. Obama tapped my phones
  6. Thousands of Muslims in New Jersey openly celebrated 9/11
  7. Vaccines cause autism
  8. Climate change is a conspiracy by the Chinese to undercut the US economically
  9. Obama did not write “Dreams from My Father”
  10. Obama did not attend Columbia
  11. Scalia was murdered
  12. Vince Foster was murdered
  13. Ted Cruz’s father was involved in JFK assassination
  14. 9/11 Hijackers had girlfriends in US who were put on planes back to Saudi Arabia.
  15. Virtually 100% of Mosques preach hate
  16. I Am Being Persecuted For Being A ‘Strong Christian,’ Maybe
  17. Obama and Hillary want to take your guns away
  18. Immigrants Are Mostly Criminals And Rapist
  19. CDC Lying About Ebola – argued to stop all flights from Africa
  20. Obama won with voter fraud
  21. “Don’t believe those phony numbers,” Trump said in February regarding the unemployment rate.” Oh, but now they’re not phony.
  22. Obama started ISIS
  23. Obama is a Muslim
  24. 1/3 of Muslims want to go to war against the US
  25. Obama is running a Deep Government resistance against Trump
  26. Obama is organizing protests against Trump

There are far far more lies which could edge on conspiracy theory as well, about crime stats, employment rates, immigration rates, etc.

Does this all come from a sane person?

Any thing we’ve fotgotten?

*List from Wallace Colyer.