My generation is the generation that was so adamantly against the military industrial complex, anti-corporate greed, pro-environment, all about love one another and flowers and peace.  We disparaged our parents for their hopeless fealty to The Man.

Now we’re firmly in power and we’re making a bigger mess of things than our parents ever did.  Corporate greed runs rampant and we seemingly have forgotten the horrors of war since it’s been a while.  And what the heck, while we’re at it, screw the environment.

Our parents took care of the hole in the ozone layer, quietly, mundanely, as if it was just a natural responsibility, but let’s forget anything from the last  100 years, OK?  It just complicates our ideology (if you can call it that.)

Now it’s probably fair to say the Bernie (pictured above sorta) is about as close to a hippie as we’ve got.  He’s thinning but let’s face it, he could use a haircut.  Hillary, well, I think she’s made some compromises, but hey, compromise is the opposite of extremism so that doesn’t sound too bad, does it?  She’s lost her youthful idealism but maybe it wasn’t all that realistic anyhow.

And then there’s Trump who embodies pretty much all the worst impulses we attributed to our parents.  So has it finally happened?  As always predicted, have we in fact become our parents?  Did we surrender our ideals at the altar of all mighty money?  Or worse?  What about that old picture of you in the family album wearing the “make love not war” tie-dye T-shirt, beads, and dubious hairstyle choices?