On the bright side, I haven’t heard any endless droning about the sanctity of marriage, fiscal responsibility, morality, or family values for a while.

The GOP used to act like they invented morality.  Things have been a little quiet on that front recently.

The used to go on and on about the sanctity of marriage and warn that soon people would be marrying their used dental floss if the libtards prevailed.

Oh yeah, fiscal responsibility, the national debt, and the deficit.  Over and over during the Obama administration even though most of the hole was already dug when Obama took office.

Related to morality, family values have also been MIA recently.  I guess it’s hard to take an admonishing tone when the president has been married 3 times, and has cheated on those wives very publicly, has been involved with the mafia, and likes to stiff the folks who work for him.

Maybe the Dems need to talk up “president as a role model” because we sure could use a little of that again.