Folks who have strident belief sets often make themselves unavailable for argument because one quickly realizes that:

  1. you will never change their mind no matter how many facts you supply
  2. they have a rather random set of seemingly unrelated beliefs which they hold very strongly (Jeremy Caney calls them “subscription beliefs”)

So often, after identifying a person as one of these ideologues who cannot listen to reason or change their thinking, one chooses to move on, and not waste time/energy/breath arguing

This just has the odd effect of further reinforcing the ideologue’s self-perspective that  they are right.  And the cycle continues.

Which brings to mind a quote to the effect:

It is impossible to reason someone out of a position that they arrived at without the use of reason.

The quote in various forms is attributed to lots of different people, so we’ll say the original source is apocryphal at this point.

So what should you do?  Sorry, I don’t have the answer, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t involve watching more Fox News.