OK, so Trump is no mystery at this point.  We’ve seen who he is up close and personal through his Twitter feed.  He can cry “fake news” all he wants but he lets us know who he is every single day via Twitter.

And somehow he got the highest job in the land with absolutely no prior experience, just based on his name recognition as a TV personality and on his ability to steamroll his opponents.

He’s run businesses into the ground, dodged the draft while criticizing folks who’ve done their time (and even lost their lives) in the military, and elevated born-again racism to an art form. And he’s admitted he didn’t have a basic grasp of the facts prior to sitting down with some foreign leader (Trudeau).  If I tried going into a meeting at my job and just making stuff up I’d be fired in a heartbeat.

So why the support?

Mitt Romney said one slightly bad thing about the 47% and his campaign was over.

But then Trump comes along and maintains high support among Republicans in spite of all the vile stuff that comes out of his mouth.  You would think the mid-terms would be “no contest” but it’s a close race with no one 100% sure who ends up controlling the Senate.

How can this be?  Trump is so uninformed, inexperienced, crude, rude, selfish, likely a sexual predator, and can’t even speak/write English. But he’s got the support of almost half the country?

This is what I cannot wrap my mind around.  How can fully one half of the country think this is OK?

Apparently the difference is Mitt did not generate much enthusiasm whereas Trump has hit a vein with the racist stuff.  People are willing to excuse everything else mostly because he’s speaking their language about “those other people.”  That’s all I can figure.  Thoughts?