The party that wants you to take personal responsibility and “pay your own way” doesn’t really seem to apply that same principal to voting.  We all know about our unequal representation and how less populous states get extra juice imagining that they will not be overlooked.

What that means is that votes are far from equal.  A vote in Wyoming is about 3.5 times as “powerful” as a vote in California or New York or Illinois or Florida or Texas.

What’s interesting to look at is how that changing voter influence maps onto the gross domestic product (GDP) of each state (above).  The states that contribute the most have the least influence per voter.  And Puerto Rico which actually has a higher GDP than 14 or so of the actual states is not a state, just a territory, and therefore does not get a vote at all.

Allocating higher voting power to higher output states is not a good idea but “one person one vote” is probably not a bad jumping off point.

Side note: were California its own nation it now has the 5th largest GDP in the world.


GDP by state from Wikipedia

How much is one vote worth?