Some folks actually are trying to reason that the shutdown is the Dems’ fault.  That is like saying the Whos should have just gone along with the Grinch and there would not have been an issue.


Why do the people oppose the wall?  Outside of the fact it would be a huge waste of money that could be spent making the world a better place, here’s are a few nuggets.

Ancient Tech

The Great Wall of China was built in 1644.  Wall tech is ancient and out-of-date.  Now granted, the first flush toilet had already been in existence for about 50 years when the Great Wall was built, but that’s about the level of tech for the times.  The wall predates every modern development in weaponry.  The world has changed.



Over 200 tunnels from Mexico to the US have been discovered.  Build more wall/fence and you’re just asking for more tunnels.

The sea

There are many many more miles of relatively unguarded coastline.  Build a wall and you’ll just increase the flow on the coasts.


They can’t really give an exact figure because undocumented folks are oddly not very forthcoming, but the estimates are that about 50% of the undocumented folks came into the country legally and just overstayed their visas.

Fix the money flow

I know it’s hard to think about something more abstract than just “build the wall”, but just for a minute lets consider why folks come here. In many cases they’re trying to escape a horrible environment.  And many are coming because they can make more money here than they can at home, even just taking the low wage jobs typically available to the undocumented.

Now if you fix it so companies can’t easily hire undocumented labor by an “instant check” similar to what the credit card companies do, then that removes a huge motivation to sneak into the US.

Now, the pesky downside is that lots of things become more expensive for Americans. Gosh knows we like our cheap food, lawn care, construction, nannies, etc. But if we’re gonna stem the tide of undocumented folks we’re going to sooner or later pay more for those things.

It would be much more practical to build a dam upstream where the river is narrow instead of trying to dam the ocean.

Looking the other way

All that said, the practice of letting companies get away with hiring undocumented labor is as old as the hills.  We’ve had kind of a “wink wink nod nod” tolerance of that situation with just the occasional raid to show we’re on it.  But no real change has taken place.  We could have solved that problem but maybe we just don’t really want to.

The Grinch story

What’s the moral thing to do?  Well we can be pretty sure the wall is not the moral solution any more than letting the Grinch steal Christmas was the solve for that particular conundrum.  And in that story the Grinch eventually came to his senses which I doubt is going to happen here.