I keep getting these messages from this nice MoveOn lady about “cancel student debt” and she’s got this strident tone like it’s the most important issue facing humanity.

I’m sorry, if Dems don’t put all the powder behind one bullet they aren’t going to be in any position to address the lesser issues.

My three step plan would be:

  1. cut bait on the small stuff
  2. grow the “tent” by focusing on stuff that matters and get the big “woke” target off our backs
  3. once back firmly in the driver’s seat, go back and pick up the smaller stuff

The big issues as I see then (and as I’ve seen them for 15 years) are:

  1. income disparity
  2. equal rights

A few things that I think are major issues and didn’t think they ever would be:

  1. government at risk due to coup attempt
  2. Fairness Doctrine needs to be reinstated
  3. guns

After we deal with that stuff, then sure, let’s get everyone’s pet project looked at. But if we don’t build a strong central core all that other stuff is just frosting for` a cake we’ve never baked.