So maybe we’re going to legislate out the medical tech that let’s women control their bodies. We have the tech to conclusively determine the father via DNA though, right? For every forced birth, let’s determine the father and sign ’em up for 18 years of child support. That doesn’t seem that hard given the woman is going to give up 18 years of her time here. It would also help at least partially solve the “going on the public dole” issue that a lot of those girls/women will be faced with.

Here’s how it would work. When a woman faces forced birth, she is legally obliged to list all recent partners. Now about 2% of unwanted pregnancies are reported to be divine conception (never had sex) but let’s have her at least list her boyfriends.

Then every boy/man listed comes in for a quick DNA test and the birth father is established and legally bound to pay for the child.

Rape always comes up as the corner case when discussing this kind of stuff. If the rapist can be found, DNA test proves it. If the rapist can’t be located, generous compensation from public funds.

Seems pretty fair, huh?