I’m not clear exactly where the Bible stands on shaving.  I know Islam has some clear cut instructions as to how the creator of the universe prefers shaving to be handled but I think the Bible is a bit scant in that department.

But anyhow, I recently got a sample in the mail of a 5 blade razor.  When I saw it I was like “for crying out loud, how many blades do we need?!?!”  but then I tried shaving with it and it was like little angels caressing my face with their soft little wings.

So now you might say I’m a convert.  Technology marches on and shaving just gets more and more fun.  Pretty soon they’ll have to start charging for it.

Speaking of technology marching on, my brother got me an old school razor and some shaving soap a few years ago.  It’s a metal razor body and you open it and insert the razor blade.  And then to get some lather for your face, you use a shaving brush and whip the shaving soap into a foamy mess.  Very retro.

So I put it in my gym bag and used it in the locker room at the gym.  I kept hoping someone would say, “wow, cool shaving rig” but no one really seemed to notice.  And if they did say something to me it was like “hey, how’s it going?” and I’d answer, voice trembling and trying not to cry from the pain of using the old fashioned single blade razor (voice breaking) “pretty good. What’s up?”  And I’d hope they didn’t see the tears in my eyes or the multiple major arteries I’d opened up in my face.

But alas I’ve run out of blades for that shaver and I’m inclined at this point to let it lapse. I’ve purchased a second 5 blade jobbie to go in my gym bag and I don’t care if folks think I’m namby pamby wimp-o-saurus.

P.S. I can’t believe straight razors were how we used to roll.  The heck with that.  I’d become a Muslim.