This may seem amazing, it’s a little known fact, and not many people know this weird trick, but you can give to charity regardless of your political leanings.  I think I’m right about this.  I’ve done a huge amount of research on the Internet, and while there are definitely conflicting points of view, I think it’s likely that you can in fact give.

It’s interesting, doing a Google search for “world’s biggest problems” you don’t hit “bad wifi” or “algae in the swimming pool” or “music in format not supported by iPhone” or any of those other super important issues we wrestle with daily.

It keeps bringing up images of hungry people or people who live in shacks with corrugated roofs.

There’s that old saying “give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day” and something else about learning to fish.  So they of course need to repress that desire to eat a fish and just sit attentively in the fish catching class. We don’t want to turn them into lazy “takers” and Jesus always made folks demonstrate their willingness to work hard before he did his miracles, but there are a number of great charities that will do all that pesky morality stuff for you.

So think about it, if you suck it up and just get the Mercedes E class instead of the S class, the money you save could bring clean water to an entire village.  Imagine how good you’ll feel.  And imagine the boasting you’ll be able to do with your friends while you’re leaning on your cheap-o E, or even better your 300-series beemer.  Just don’t buy American.  There are limits after all.