“Democracy is about giving people what they want,” said Trump, pausing for dramatic effect.  “People don’t understand government now.  Hell, I don’t understand government.  It’s too complicated. CSPAN is dusty, dull, and boring.”

He provided more details about the plan, about getting younger, tougher, better looking congressmen and then letting them physically press their case with the other congressmen, live, in front of the American people.  “This is going to be fun,” he said with a gleam in his eye.  “This is a game changer.  We’re talking NFL crossed with Game of Thrones, both which get very high ratings.  America will eat it up.”

“But what about the constitution?” asked the annoying reporter from the liberal media.

“It will be loosely based on the constitution, of course,” replied Mr. Trump.  “But we aren’t going to let some ancient document get in the way of smart, tough people.  Next question.”

“What about the female members of congress?” asked another reporter from the liberal media.

“Well, we know they’re not as physically strong and so they won’t be able to compete directly with the men.  But we’re thinking of some kind of bathing suit competition.” Waiting for the loud, raucous round of cheering to die away, he continued, “There will be something for everyone.  And as for the supremes, think Judge Judy.”