It’s that time when we revisit the age old question of the electoral college WTF.  Various descriptions of it make it out to help balance state’s input.  It appears some of this might result from an attempt to help the southern states combat those pesky altruistic intentions of those fruity northern states back during the times of slavery.  Whatever the reason, it’s a dated concept and should be replaced.

A vote by a person in, for instance, Wyoming is worth over 3.5 times more than the vote of a person in, for instance, California.  This is bad because were a person to try to vote 3.5 times, that would be extremely illegal, not to mention kinda tricky to do in real life.  But the electoral college ensconces that in law so that the person doesn’t actually have to vote 3.5 times to out vote a single person from California.

There is some disparity across all states.  There are no two states where individual votes are actually equal.

Now regarding the issue of whether the big states are able to influence the government to give them more goodies because they’re bigger, that’s a separate issue and should be addressed in some other way than by making votes unequal.

State elections do not suffer this discontinuity in spite of the fact many states have very populous areas and very non-populous areas.  A vote in Chicago, Illinois is worth the same as a vote in downstate Roachtown, Illinois (a real town by the way).

In the wake of the recent failure to reconcile the popular vote with the vote of the electoral college, it’s time to fix this.  I’m not optimistic that it will get fixed in the near term, because the party it just erroneously put in power will have no motivation to fix it obviously.  But maybe we can try to have longer term memories and deal with this at some point in the future.  Oh wait, most of you probably haven’t even made it to here in this article. Never mind.